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Episode 5

5-Its on now

OUR STORY – It’s On Now! — Posted 5/9/16

July 1968 – When Carol answered the phone, I quickly introduced myself. She obviously didn’t know who I was. I told her that we went to the same high school and that I met her briefly a few days ago. She sounded open for conversation but I cannot remember any of the specific details of our conversation. All I know is that we were talking to each other. I do remember, however, that before we ended our conversation, I asked her if it would be O.K if I called her again. She said the magic word, “Sure!” It was on now. I didn’t know for how long. (to be continued)

Thoughts for Today – How do you build a life-long love? One day, one event, one conversation at a time. What we do today not only matters today, but has a great impact on tomorrow. Make this a great day!

1968 Fun Fact:   R&B Song – “Stay In My Corner”, The Dells (originally released in 1965)


Episode 4

4-Your Part

Our Story Your part in God’s Miracle — Posted 5/3/16

July 1968- All was not lost in my second opportunity to embrace destiny. When my buddies and I left Carol’s home and got to the corner, I glanced up and made a mental note of the street name. When I got home, I looked her up in my high school yearbook. I grabbed the phone book, found her last name and the street I remembered, and eventually made the call. Not knowing if this was the right number, I asked to speak to Carol and the voice on the other end said, “Just a moment.” After a brief pause, I heard a soft voice on the other end say, “Hello!?” (to be continued).

Thoughts for Today – It’s worth the effort to make small simple steps. I was unsure of the outcome then, but believed that it was worth the effort. Recall the simple things you did on your way to meeting each other. Do them again: write a note, make a phone call, say hello. Often great treasuer is found in simple, deliberate steps – in the simple things.

1968 Fun Fact:   R&B Song – “Aint Nothing Like The Real Thing”, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell


Episode 3

3-Clueless 2

Our Story – Clueless — Posted 4/21/16

May 1968 – I had no clue Derek had his eyes on me that whole long school year. I did not even know him. I don’t recall if I had ever seen him. Around that time, I remember having a couple teenage puppy love boyfriends, but none had any real significance. I thought it would be nice to meet a nice young man some day, maybe even get married and have kids. But, I wasn’t thinking that would happen any time soon. I wasn’t looking for it. I only just dreamt about it… I had no clue that this was the beginnings of that dream; destiny coming to past. (to be continued)

Thoughts for Today – In marriage, we can be clueless to the gift God has given us in our spouse.   Many times, we are so focused on what we don’t have in our spouses that we begin to lose sight of what we do have. God did something special in bringing the two of you together. When we intentionally think about that, passing years cannot take that reality away. You were both fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14)

1968 Fun Fact:   R&B Song – “Cowboys to Girls”, The Intruders


Episode 2

2-Another Op redone2

Our Story – Another Opportunity — Posted 4/17/16

July 1968 – It was a warm summer night – two buddies and I were out for a walk. We had walked a couple miles from where we lived when we met a young lady that one of my buddies knew. As we wrapped up a brief conversation and was preparing to continue our “aimless” journey, who came out of the young lady’s house and down the stairs to where we were? None other than… you guessed it. I was blown away. Mesmerized! Paralyzed! We all spoke, and then my buddies and I walked away. What appeared at first to be a casual stroll was in reality destiny – divinely directed steps. Who knew? But, I still didn’t know her, and she still didn’t know me. That, my friends, was about to change (to be continued).

Thoughts for Today – Do you recall any unusual or unexplainable circumstances regarding your journey towards meeting your spouse? My friends and I could have walked in a different direction that night, or Carol could have stayed indoors, but we didn’t, and she didn’t. Luck? Coincidence? No, Destiny! (God is Awesome!) Together with your spouse, recall any unusual or unexplainable circumstances regarding your journey towards meeting your spouse. Recall-revisit-review.

1968 Fun Fact:   R&B Song – “Cloud Nine”, The Temptations


Episode 1

1-seizing A

Our Story – Seizing the moment.

May 1968 – I’d seen her all school-year long. There was something about her that moved me. Indescribable! Unshakable! I decided that the next time I saw her walking down my high school hallway, I would peel myself off the wall and boldly walk right up to her and introduce myself. The moment came and there she was – walking right towards me. This was my moment! This was my time! My mind was screaming, “Go say hello to her! Go! Introduce yourself! Do something!” But, my body was frozen; my mouth stayed shut. The moment passed; she never knew. But God was gracious (to be continued).

 Thoughts for Today – Do you remember when you and your spouse first met? When was it? Where were you? What was it like? When was the last time you shared that story? One of the joys in the journey of love is creating and remembering fond memories. You have some. Recall them and share some today.

1968 Fun Fact:   R&B Song – “La-La (Means I Love You)”, The Delphonics

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