Few Photos – Because I Love You


A few photos from our session “Because I Love You…”


We had a great time at the Alive! Ministries Workshop Saturday April 23, 2016. Derek and Carol led the discussion on the subject “Because I Love You… based on 1 Cor 13-1-8a. A few insights:

  • We learned that just as we individually yearn to have certain needs met by our spouse, needs that are difficult to speak, our spouse has the same yearnings within them.
  • A deeper love for our spouse starts with genuinely desiring to learn and know them, and putting their needs before ours.
  • A deeper love is the result of unselfish giving – in other words, giving to our spouse with absolutely no motive for anything in return.
  • Because I love You…. I will seek to know you, which better enables me to meet some of your innate yearnings. Not that I will be able to meet every need, every time, “But Because I Love You, I will…”

Jack and Lois also walked us through the importance of staying connected with other couples in an Alive! Ministries “Marriage Support Network”.