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ALIVE! Ministries MSN – Marriage Support Network, are groups of 2-5 like-minded couples aligned in Christian values who are committed to encourage, inspire, support each other, and nurture healthy marriages.

A MSN group of couples intentionally gathers together on a regular basis to encourage each other through sharing general and sometimes specific conversations.

In a Marriage Support Network, couples might share fond memories through storytelling and the sharing of photos – allowing trusted friends to know not only who they are, but also who they used to be, what they used to do, AND, who and what they aspire to become as a married couple (that is) their vision of and for their future together.

In a MSN couples might share recipes, or show off hidden talents and skills; enjoy good home cooking or just a burger, hot dog and fries.

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During their time together they might laugh and even cry together as they share successes and struggles, as they encourage each other and are encouraged in their marriages, knowing that they’ve created a warm, safe, Christ-centered environment to do so.


In addition, MSN couples might even attend special events, play games or find other means of spending quality uplifting time – having fun together – supporting, encouraging, nurturing healthy marriages.

In MSN fellowships, couples are encouraged to take time to pray, praise and thank God for their mates, for each other, and for His blessings in their lives.

A Marriage Support Network is definitely a blessing and will make a positive impact on marriages within the group as well as have a positive impact on others in general.

We encourage you to consider being a part of a Marriage Support Network. ALIVE! Ministries has developed a short curriculum on how to get started in developing your ALIVE! Ministries MSN. Find out more by contacting us at ALIVE! Ministries, Inc.