Over the Years

Our History2

Alive! Ministries History (in short)  see photos

We (Derek & Carol – Founders of ALIVE!) have always worked together well as a couple. Looking back to the beginning of our relationship, we can see that God called us not only to love each other, but to know Him and share his love with others, and to be specific in the work of marriage encouragement.

While serving in our local church, we started the ALIVE! Evangelism/Drama Ministry as a means for families to work together while ministering to others. The drama ministry included puppetry, dramatic plays and skits that shared the gospel.

In working with families, God led us to become more specific to married couples. We saw many couples struggling to keep their marriages happy and healthy, and were led to be more specific to share God’s plan with couples helping them to keep their marriages alive. 

We started doing marriage building workshops with couples in our living room and eventually began to present marriage workshops for couples in local churches, community centers and hotels. We conducted a seven day Caribbean cruise for our local church during that time. We presented workshops for our partner churches, and on occasion conducted their married couples’ retreats.   ALIVE! Ministries held social events for couples as well

In time, we originated a team of couples and began sharing marriage building topics with them. Their fire for keeping their marriages alive grew and they came on board as team members helping us encourage other couples. Along with the Alive! Team, we began to hold monthly workshops for couples from our growing email data base and through word of mouth. We utilized space for these workshops at the Center for Families Facility in Minneapolis, MN where our ministry office resided.

We built partnerships with other churches and invited their couples to our workshops. One of our partnership/connections is with the “Let’s Stay Together Marriage Ministry”, where we attend and share in teaching at their yearly Marriage Retreats. We also have partnership with the “Extended Family Network” Ministry, where we fellowship in their family ministry cookouts. EFN also helped us in developing the “Marriage Support Network” entity of ALIVE! Ministries.

We have been officially Marriage focused for 15 years. We were recently led to include a web based internet ministry with the intent of reaching more couples – encouraging them to “keep their marriages alive!” The ALIVE! Web-based ministry, we believe, will begin to touch the world in even greater numbers.

We hope you enjoy some of the pictures that we have displayed here. We will continue to display some of our past history pictures as well as current ministry efforts..